Well, hello December!


 Here it is! My outfit from yesterday.
As I already said yesterday I was planning to attend a fashion show ( actually the first fashion show that I was invited to) but I missed it because I got stuck in a traffic for more than an hour. It was insine..trust me!  

 But it's all ok because today is the beginning of December! Im not a huge fan of winter at all but I really love December. It's the month of christmas, parties and..wait for it..shopping! There are Christmas decorations everywhere, mulled white wine, you can go snowboarding or skating. You can walk hand in hand in the frashly  fallen snow. And it's also my get away trip to London with my boyfriend. I really can't wait to see everyone, again! It's been almost 4 months since my last trip there. I was already in New York, St.Tropez, Cannes..in all that "must see cities" but there's really no place like London for me. 
What kind of plans do you have, dolls? 

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