Keep calm and go snowboarding


I'm definitely not  John Jackson or Torstein Horgmo...not even a Janne Lipsanen and I probably never will be...but I do love snowboarding! Since I missed all the snow in December because I was in London I was really excited last night when it started to snow. To be completely honest I don't really like snow. I mean, it's nice and beautiful and all those ah and ooh stuff, but just maybe on the first day when the snow it's still clean and completely white. The next morning I usually have a love-hate relationship with the snow, because everything looks dirty, it's freezing outside and I always end up having wet shoes! But when it comes to snowboarding, ice-skating or just making a fun on the snow...I can't help myself but love it!

Do you snowboard? I started snowboarding 4-5 year ago so it's been a while but not yet that long. I'd love to learn free styling this winter, because I keep saying that for a few years but I've never really started. I have tried once but I felt so bad that I haven't even tried after that. When I'm watching some snowboarding movies which I like to watch so much, I get so much inspiration from riders and I'm so sure that I could do the same as them, because when they ride/free style it looks so easy. But when I try, I realize every time it's so damn hard! So yeah...maybe one day. Some day. When it comes to snowboarding clothes I'm a true Volcom, Burton, Roxy and Rip Curl fan! I can't snowboard without having a oversize clothes on me, especially pants. Anway I hope you all enjoy snow and snowboarding as much as I do right now. And if you do then stay tuned for more, because I'm posting soon pictures from my snowboarding day at Krvavec.

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