Ombré style


What do you guys think about Ombré hair style and nail polish? 
I think 50% of you would love it and 50% of you are gonna hate it. When I first saw this I was blown away! I'm not so sure what I like that much about this hair style..but there's just something! Maybe the fact that this hair style is a little bit different and not so common? I swear that next time (next week) I go to my hair dresser I won't come out from there without this hair style! Have to try it!
While Ombré hair style is not for everyone I think nail polish is for those who are not fond of radical changes. In nail polish you can basically find something for every taste. Am I right?

And the hair style I want:

And for those who want to get ombre highlights at home using box color from the drugstore here is how to do it:

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