Ajdovščina MC Fashion Week photo diary


It's no secret that since I can remember my biggest wish was to be able to go on different fashion shows, write about fashion, taking pictures... and making all that look like a story I want to tell, here on my blog. I don't want to rush in the whole fashion business/industry, so I'm taking baby steps... step by step to my dreams. I'm trying to choose very carefully on which fashion event I'm going and on which I don't. I still believe if you are everywhere around you become... well yes, maybe you made it very quickly in the fashion industry, but there is a lot of chance you become uninteresting very quickly. I truly advocate you can't be always available. So I don't try to be excited about everything and everyone in fashion industry here, but I'm choosing who and what I like.
So on Saturday I took my chance and went to Ajdovščina on their MC Fashion Week 2012 with Anže Frantar from Ulični stil and Eva Ana Kazić from All around Eve. I have to admit that it was not what I was expected at the beginning, but in the end of the day I was really happy that I had a chance to be there. We have first attended a round-table with fashion bloggers where we were discussing fashion blogs, of course. It was actually my first round-table as a blogger and it was one of the best experince in the last time. I can't decribe how excited I was to be a part of that. Anyway, after the round-table you could go enjoy yourself outside where you could listen to a boy-band, go through the vintage market, making new acquaintances, go through a photo gallery and in the evening you could attend the fashion show. I'm not a huge fan of vintage things because I don't like to wear something someone had before me but this time I made a huge exception and bought a gorgeous dress (I swear you can't find such material anywhere else) which I'm gonna transform a little bit. And what I like the most about such things is meeting new people. So in the end of the day (yes I was tired as hell) I realized I had a great time in that beautiful environment. I only wish I haven't had my high heels on so I could be more comfortable but I survived!

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