Bandage leggings - DIY


Bandage leggings are definitely some of my favorites right now. 
They were on my wish-list for over two years now. So, yes...pretty long time. When I first saw them on Tumblr (btw you can also follow me on Tumblr ) I imidiately fell in love with them. Everything that looks a bit badass is fine for me, you know. If I like something, I'll find a way to make it wearable for me. When I saw bandage leggings for the first time I thought to myself "what a badass leggings! I have to have them!". Time goes by very quickly and quite some time has passed and we still didn't get them here in Slovenia. I thought we are just late, like usually. The thing is that things always arrive a bit later, but sometimes they don't arrive at all - like this time, with my bandage leggings. So whether they never made it to Slovenia or I was looking at the wrong places/stores... the thing is I have never got them. So couple of days ago seemed like perfect time to make them by myself.

Do you have any pair od bandage leggins? I know I'm a bit late with the whole bandage leggings fever, but if there is someone like me who still doesn't have them, but wants them, here is how to make them...

You'll need:
- chalk
-fabric scissors
-measuring tape
-sewing accessories/ sewing machine

Good luck, guys!

1. We draw horizontal lines at intervals of 5 cm (2") on the leggings. We start drawing the lines about 20 cm (8") from the begining and stop around 5-10 cm (2-4") from the end of the leggings. 

When you finish with drawing the lines should look something like that..

2. When we finish with marking the lines, it comes time to cut! Take your scissors and try to cut as precisely as possible along the lines we draw. 

3. Cut a vertical line at the seams on the right leg of leggings, from the lower part ( 5-10 cm / 2"-4" inches from the end of the leggings) to the upper part (approximately 20 cm/8" from the beginning of the leggings). When you finish do the same thing on the left leg of leggings. When you finish with that take each of the strips and cross them over each other. Don't forget to pin all the stripes! 

4. We turn leggings carefully around and start with sewing (my favorite part).

5. Taaaraaaaa! This is what you get... likey?

If you have tried to make your own bandage leggings over my "recipe" let me know how did it go. There are more DIY posts on the way. If you want me to do something special just let me know (or if you have an interesting idea)... I would be more than happy to do it.

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