Mom's skirt as a dress


Would you believe me if I said that this is not a dress but my mom's skirt? 
Probably not, but trust is. But luckily I'm pretty small so her skirt was perfect as a dress for me. If I'm completely honest I didn't like that skirt as a skirt that much, but as a dress I think it looks super fab! It's actually so Coco Chanel, isn't it? Well, sadly it's not ( it's from Supreme Being) but it looks like that. 

Beside me being me and wearing my mom's skirt as a dress things still going pretty great. Just one week is left until my vacation in St.Tropez and just a few week (two weeks or a little bit more) until my trip to where my heart actually belongs - to London. I'm pretty nervous about that, let me tell you. This time I'm not going just to a trip and to see my friends but I'm going to College Of Fashion where I'm gonna take a 2 weeks course. I'm so thrilled about that but at the same time I'm also pretty scared. What if I turned out to be such a anti talent for that? What if everyone else is better than me? What if I get lost like millions times? Because trust me, I'm more than perfect in that. I get lost even in Ljubljana, easily. If there's a minimal chances for anyone to get lost, that would be me. Yes, I know I've been there a millions time before and I know SW1 pretty good, but what about the rest part of London? I guess, I have to wait to get these answers...

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