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It's so hard to believe it's already August, isn't it? 
I wish summer could somehow get pregnant so we could have 9months of summer. Seriously, that would be so awesome! Well that or moving to California. To the warm, wet and wild California! I have always wished I could been a Cali girl. I can totally imagine myself living on Malibu beach, throwing a small party on my backyard (which is on the beach) for my peeps, surfing whenever I want, still working hard for my dreams, sitting on the beach with my friends around the fire and playing guitar ( not me but I'd love to learn to play at least one song on a acoustic guitar in the future). Sounds pretty great, right? 

But then again, if I'm completely honest I don't think I can see myself living anywhere else than in London. I spend so much time in London. I go there every now and then and stay there for the whole month. There's just something so magical about that town for me. It inspires me so much to be better, to do better! And their lifestyle, habits, streets, architecture, people, food, shops, ascent...everything is like more than perfect for me. And my friends from there have teached me so much about different areas (where is too dangerous to be, about the crime there), about the people and their habits and every time I go there I'm even more impressed. I don't even mind the rain there! So I guess I'd love to live in London and have a house at Malibu beach so I can go there whenever I want. Or no wait, I got even better idea...I could live there in the winter time and live in London in the autumn/spring/summer time.

I'm such a typical Libra! I never know for sure want I want, I changed my mind so many times in hope for better decision. I have to think almost every decision and try to find out what's the best to do. So my life is pretty much always ...this or that? 

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