Life in London


So here I am...across the Themes river watching famous London eye and thinking how fast my two weeks passed by. And I loved every single minute of it! It just makes me kind of sad when I think about life here. When you really enjoy in something and when something makes you really happy in goes by in a blink of an eye. And that's really not fair. Have you ever wished you could just stop time and just be in that one moment? Well, I did.

I've been in London few times before so it's not my first time here. But it's the first time that I'm working here and trying to make my "american dream" come true. When I was on the safe ground in Slovenia with my head in the clouds I imagined everything would be...easy. That I would from the moment plane touched London's ground get perfect job, get money, my bank account, insurance number, perfect place to stay and you know..get my american dream. But let me tell have to work you ass off, start on the bottom and working hard from day to day hoping that one day you'll maybe make it in this gorgeous, big concrete jungle where people drive on the wrong side of the road. And to make everything so movie, heart-breaking like evertyhing is so expensive here and you have to get money somewhere from week to week. Well my Australian friends would probably disagree with me, because for them it is cheap here, but for us continental Europeans it is me. And even through I have really cool people around me here and my old friends I just feel so alone and lost at least once per day. And I'm not type of a person who gets homesick but when you're so far away from your home and loved once you actually see how small you really are...and mostly alone. But that's ok...I guess. You have to be strong and trust in yourself, get up when you feel low and try, try, try to do best you can.

There's no guarantee that I'm gonna make it. That this trip would be successful. Every once in a while I want to just sit down and cry and get back home...but then I look out and in a moment everything becomes great again. I'm in my dream city after all! I always wanted to live here. And now I have a chance to make my dreams come true. Everthing is up to me. But at least I'm gonna give my best in what I do and be positive and hope for the best. Maybe it's not my time yet to get my dreams comes true but I'm gonna try. At least I would know in the end that I have given my best and tried. Tried hard. And that's a big thing. That's makes you better person. You learn a lot. Get to know new things, tradition, people...and that's something. What do you think guys? Am I gonna make it? Is it my time?

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