Cross Tights and Christmas day


Even though I've been so much worried about my life here in London things seems to get back on the right place. In those three weeks I've learned a lot not just about life here, life generally but also about myself. It may seemed funny but I really grown up a bit in this time. And I totally understand now why Peter Pan didn't want to grow up. It's sucks! And as I said before I learned seriously so much about myself but when I get back home I still want to be childish for awhile. In the end of the day I'm gonna be grown up my whole life. 

My Christmas was also so good. Even through I haven't been with my family again for the Christmas I had almost best Christmas so far. Me and my new friends here spend the Christmas together at Astor Museum Hostel, made traditional British Christmas dinner, opened gifts from our secret santa which was so much fun and then had a few drinks, shisha, played party games and what's the best part...even through we're all far away from home we were like familly. All together! It's so interesting how people can get so fast under your skin. And now when I have such a cool peeps around me here I don't even want to go. Well, sad thing is that I have to go soon but now I'm even more sure that this is definitely the city where I want to spend my life. Everything is just so...perfect. And I've been in New York as I said few times before, Nice, St.Tropez, Cannes, Italy, Hungary, Austria, etc. but there's so place like London. Everything is just so perfect for me. From their lifestyle, food, traditional, people to parties. So this Christmas I'm really greatful to have such a supportive family who made my one month trip to London possible and beeing supportive whole year, for my friends, the real one who was always there for me and not only when they needed something from me and to be so lucky enough to meet all those amazing people here (expecially Liz, Nick L., Jay-Jay, Dhiraj who did so much for me...thanks guys so much!). 

I hope you all had amazing Christmas:)

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