Making 2014 My Bitch


I know I'm kind of late with this, but hey...better late than never. Right? 
First let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!! I wish every and each one of you all the best! Thanks a lot for keeping up with me, you have no idea how much it means to me. I really wish I could tell each one of you how grateful I am and how you make me feel fucking special and so damn happy with all your nice messages and all the words you say to me in the street. You are one of the best memories in this past year. Thanks for that. 

Last year started with a little "boom" when we opened a champagne on the streets of London and has been nothing but a crazy ride ever since than. I would never imagine half of the things that had happen to me. Not long ago someone asked me what's my favourite memory from 2013 and I had no idea. There was just too many of them. Too many things that I'll never forget, thanks to my friends who I really love and appreciate so much. I'm so grateful that some of  them somehow came into my life, but mostly I'm happy that they also stayed there. Sometimes when everything is just perfect and when you have nothing but really amazing people in your life I get scared for a moment or two that everything would just go away. You I'm going to wake up and they won't be there any more. Or something bad will happen and they'll go away. Nothing lasts forever, right? If things lasted forever then coffee wouldn't cool and cigarettes wouldn't end and feelings would stay the same. But they're still here and that's all that matters. And I'm a lucky girl for having them! 

This year was full of joy, happiness, laughter, emotions and at one point even tears. I remember one summer night when something happened and we all were screaming on each others and me and one of my best girls were drunk sitting on the floor in front of the church and crying so hard and explaining such silly things to each other while people were passing by and asking us if everything is fine and if they can help us somehow but I was so angry and sad at the moment that all I could do was cry like a baby and yell a bit in tears "No, gooo away".  It was so stupid that I can't even explain how much but now when we look back at that situation we just laugh but it was definitely one of the situation that bond us even more.  I'll also never forget a random party night when me and my friend crashed into a random apartment which turned out to be a Trkaj's (slovenian raper) apartment. In the beginning he was pretty distant but then we somehow "clicked" and from that moment I was hanging a lot in his apartment with the guys and even crashing there from time to time. I remember when I fell asleep on the couch in the living room and he woke up somewhere in the morning and probably saw me sleeping there and covered me with a blanket. He's really such a nice guy! So happy I had a chance to met him!

Like I said there were just too many moments that still bring a smile and happiness on my face. A lot of things has happened but I'm happy that I also managed to learn something from different situations. So in 2013 I kind of learned to love without fear to get hurt and let go things when the moment is right for that. I learned that no matter what anything could happen if you work hard and believe in that. I figured out what I really want and what I don't in my life. But mostly I grew personally a little bit. How was your year, guys? Any big ups and downs? Let's make a 2014 out bitch, shall we?

Like I said 2013 started with counting down on Piccadilly Circus and a little "boom" when we opened a champagne somewhere in the streets and continued back in Slovenia when my friend Jack who's actually from Australia, but we met in London came to see me for a few days. 

Not long after I came back to Slovenia from my short term living in London, the year started with photoshootings, new collaborations, preparations and fittings for fashion week. 

My favourite time of year: fashion week! I was so lucky that I had a chance to wear this gorgeous edgy gown by Eric Matyash. I probably don't have to mention I felt like a princess? A real princess. On the second picture you can also see me and a fashion blogger Tereza who now lives and works in New Zealand. The special moments were also every time I was published somewhere - for example: Stop magazine. 

Year continued with photoshootings, interviews from time to time, good lunches and small attentions that have taken a big plasce in my heart. I was sick and a slovenian designer who lives in Maribor sent me an awesome spoon which is actually a ring!

When I was free from work I was cruising around town and killing time with my friends.

One of the most memorable moments was Trnfest season. We were living for a week or even more at my place. We were making pancakes with whiskey, playing guitar, using a city fountain as a pool in warm August days and having night rides with wave on board through the city.

Most of the time took me shooting and working for my blog. Oh 2013 was also a year a become completely obsessed with bubble tea! Damn, so yummy.

One of the big moments was also being a first model for my two friends clothing line "Antlers Lodge clothing", having a short interview for Bosnian magazine and being spotted on the streets of Sarajevo in August. With vogue in my hands, of course.

The biggest event that I was invited to was Sarajevo Film Festival in August, thanks to L'Oreal Paris. I also took some free time and explore the Old town and famous Baščaršija. 

When I came back from Sarajevo I was still working for my blog but I was starting doing something else. Partying! I also tried how is to be a vegan and went to a Buddha temple with my friend and vegan lunch later. Not long after that came time for...wait it for birthdaaay!

Second fashion week season! I've been wearing such a beautiful dress by Zarja Predin. 

I have finished the year by spending most of the time with these guys who I love so much!! So grateful that they came into my life! I am taking them to 2014 with me!

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