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I'm seriously getting pretty lame with my "I'm sorry, I've been busy" excuses. It's almost two weeks since fashion week and I'm here like I'm bringing the news of the day. Well...I am kind of, but two weeks later.
A few days before fashion week started my uncle which I loved so much died and I barely found strength to go there. And after the fashion week I tried to work as much as I could in this situation I'm going through, but at the same time I also tried to take some time for myself, distance and process what actually happened.

This time I unfortunately couldn't enjoy the Fashion Week as much as I normally would but I still had a great time. No matter what it's always magical to come back, collaborate with new designers, be able too see the new collections, having fun dressing up, wearing nice make-up, catching up with other bloggers and see all those people who somehow may inspire you. I mean...just for being able to see Garevski's new collection which he made even though he's seriously ill and couldn't make it to the fashion week damn touching, unforgettable and definitely worth it being there!

This time I decided to collaborate with Iva Katalenič, because she's one of those designers I fell in love with since the moment I saw the first dress. And that was about a year ago, I believe. So for the first day I decided to wear her floral print skirt which I completed with my Marc Jacobs beanie, Calcedonia leggings and a simple black shirt. The second day I was almost from head to toes dressed in H&M! Can you believe it? I finished the look with Dr.Martens shoes and of course...a beanie. Best for the last - I wore again Iva Katalenič dress which made me feel like a dark princess! Speaking about this gorgeous dress and fashion week - you people need to watch your step! Not on the dress, please! Unless you're Petra Windschnurer. Then I might feel honoured.

I'd like to specially thank Manca Smrekar, my gorgeous make up artist, who has been there for me, came to my place and did my make up every single day! Not only for making me beautiful, but also for your nice words in the hard time I was going through. I seriously appreciate it so much! It may sound cheesy, but I wouldn't make it without you...

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