Catch me if you can


Look at my nail polish! What do you think of green nail polish?
And I'm back to black, again. Today was such a dark, depressed and mostly cold day so everything I cared about was to dress something very warm and comfortable. I love to wear this hat. It's just to bad I have only this one. 

Today is National Hot Chocolate Day as you all probably know. I hope you all enjoy a coup. 
I'm working on my new blog name and a new banner lately. I came into contact with a very well known and good Slovenian  photographer. He's usually photographs a famous people from Slovenia for some cover of magazines. He's maybe going to help me with my new picutres for my new banner.  But it's not for sure, yet.  So, what do you think about that? 

I was wearing:
Roxy coat
Volcom hat
Zara boots
Vintage jumper

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