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I tried so hard to be something I'm not for awhile now. You know, my style was from always a bit more boho, hippie. I love to wear funky things, but somehow I always thought that is not good enough for fashion world/blog but now I just don't care anymore. The thing can't please everyone, you just have to be yourself and hope people would like it. I mean, that's the whole point, right? To be different, to have your own style? So you are gonna see me wearing a lot of funky things from now on, because I can't lie, this is me. And I really hope you would like it! 

So as you can see I really mean it when I said that I'm obsessed with turban headbands! That a must have for me, lately! But what I really wanted to show you guys this time is this gorgeous Topshop shirt! I never seen such a beautiful back on a shirt before! What do you think about the back of the shirt?

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