Dear Summer, SLOW DOWN!


You know what's the main problem of the summers? They're short. Too short in fact, so I'm really trying to take as much as possible from my summer. I want to look back sometimes in the winter and remember all those crazy summer nights we had together, all those dumb things we did together, times when we laughed our asses off, remember beautiful new places we went and amazing people we met. That's what I want from my summer. And that's exactly what I'm experiencing with my peeps right now. And I'm also super excited to experience Paris in summer time with my peeps very soon, and then enjoy myself and get some relaxation for my brains in beautiful Cannes and St. Tropez and then finish my summer in London! I don't have to mention how excited I am to see my peeps from there, right? We already have some pretty funny plans so I really can't wait to get there. How was your summer so far, dolls?

Right now I'm pretty obsessed with turban headbands! And when I'm I say obsessed I really mean it! Don't you just want to wear it all the time? Or is it just me? 

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