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Lately I'm starting to realize that not everything is about a brand. 
YES, we all love designers, but a lot of us unfortunately can't afford them. Maybe from time to time some breath-taking piece or two, but that's pretty much it. If I would be rich I would probably be dressed from head to toe in Marc Jacobs or Chanel. Or both? 
When I first fell in love in fashion I though that now I have to have designers clothes and nothing else...but I was wrong. It's not about the brand actually, it's all about combining different pieces. And if you get something similar to things we've seen on runways in a cheaper store, then why the hell not?

A couple of months ago I would never, ever buy anything in New Yorker, H&M, even Zara hardly, but now I don't mind anymore. If I like something and I have my own vision of how I would combine and wear that piece then I would buy it. I mean I'm still loyal to my favorite brand for last 4 year and that's Topshop, but now I don't have problem buying something from a bit cheaper stores. So a few weeks ago I bought these gorgeous shorts in New Yorker and I'm loving them! Remember when I told you that you are gonna see me wearing a lot of psychedelic prints this summer in one of my posts? Well the print was the reason I've bought them in the first place. And I'm not sorry. I love to see that you can combine one piece ten different ways. And that's exactly what you can do with these shorts. 

So, I've decided to combine this New Yorker shorts with my lace on top of Dorothy Perkins T-shirt, my favorite accessory again- the lipstic. Red lipstick again in this case and my clutch Dorothy Perkins bag in skin color because the short containing the same color.

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