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I know I'm a little bit late but still let me first say HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
I hope you guys had a great one and mostly that you'll have an amazing new year! Even though you maybe already had great year behind you I hope you'll have even more amazing one this year! It's time for new resolutions, new beginnings, new opportunities, new big steps, letting things that didn't happen the way we wanted behind us, etc. And remember... Don't let your dreams scare you! Once I read somewhere that if your dreams don't scare you even a little bit they are not big enough. All the best lovelies!

So here I am. Back at home after one month in my dream London. I've been on Slovenian ground now less than 24 hours and to be completely honest I already wish that I could go back to December. The moment we landed I felt like I left such a big part of me back in London. And I can't completely move on without that big part. I still have a chance to go back in 3 weeks, live and work there for at least one year and I'm really thinking about going back and taking that option but part of me still want to do unfinished business at school and then maybe continuing studying law somewhere in England. In that case I'd have much more options and I could stay there not just for one year but...well, forever. It sounds more than perfect but the problem is that I'm a really impatient and mostly sturdy person so when I really want to do something it usually have to be in the same moment no matter what. But now I'm learning to have a little patience. It's worth it waiting for you one part of your big dreams, isn't it?
I'm so happy and honored that I had I chance to met such an amazing people. It was so nice meeting them! Now when I've been part of their company, when I saw how they hang out, what attitude they have to each others, what kind of life style they life, what they eating, etc. I feel even more like I don't belong here. And don't get me wrong, please. I truly think Slovenia is such a beautiful country, I love seeing my family, being around my dog after one month, seeing my friends that I love so much but my heart and my mind don't belong here. I love-love their food, their life style is just so me...and It's not that I'm trying hard to be like them and live British life style because it's maybe sounds cool or whatever. No. It's just...that's me. I feel like I can finally breath and being myself when I'm there. I'm much more productive. And somehow I found myself in their attitude to each others. That's exactly what I'm missing here back at home. I wish people would be here at least a bit like people in London. At least a bit that caring, opened, love showing, outgoing. And not to mention the way guys treating girls. They're truly such gentlemen! I wish I could really pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars so I could really use I wish right now. And you all now probably now what would wish be.

Ok, I should probably stop now before I write all of my feeling of past four weeks down. Because of everything that I wrote in the text above I had seriously best New Years Eve in life time so far! I still can stop thinking how we were running 10 minutes before midnight from our hostel to Piccadilly Circus pretending to be airplanes through the crowd, counting down last 10 second until midnight with thousands of others people, hugging and kissing each other and then drinking back at the hostel until morning. Around 9am in the morning we were still sitting in the hall with the opened front doors, listening bird, Nick was playing guitar and we were helping him singing. Then we waited to 10 am for shops to open to get some alcohol and we were continuing drinking through the whole day. Well, I passed out around 1 pm but was one hell of the night. Truly unforgettable night!  

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