Burning desire


Guess who's back? Back again?! Selma's back, tell a friend! (you sing that, aren't you?)
And my Nikon baby finally came back from Cairo! I hate when I don't blog for awhile and then I come back all happy and thrilled about my new post, but then I just stare for ten minutes in my computer window without a single idea about what to write. The thing is I never take time to think about what should I write that day. Hell no! I just start writing about the first thing that comes to my mind from that day, but since I haven't written anything for freaking two weeks it's a problem pick one thing and discuss about it.

No, wait. I just got an idea. What if I tell you about my last two weeks?
I think I already said that, but I'll said it again: I love honest strangers. I love alcohol & adventures. I love making bad decisions with good intentions. And I want all three in one night. So I've been meeting honest strangers (a guy I met about a week ago sent me one of the sweetest things I have ever read written about me - check out what on my Instagram - @selmaspendl), drinking, making bad decisions with nothing but good intentions and I also had a few adventures! But the best part is that I was almost 24/7 with my friends again. It was only two weeks but it's funny how much can change in that time. Time is such an interesting thing, isn't it? It changes everything, heals all wounds. I've also figured it out finally that because of the fear to get hurt you actually miss something worth having. Or moments I have taken for granted, mostly because I assumed that there would be a thousand more of them. That's why I decided in those last two week to put my freaking walls down and risk. Hmm, what else? Oh, yes! I finally let go something I couldn't for a long time because there was something screaming in my very heart not to let go. But then you just wake up one day and realize you're so done trying to make a part in someone's life. After all if you have to try to make a part in someone's life, they obviously don't want you there, right? Then I drank too many Red Bull again. Crash at someone's place few times. Get drunk once because I was too lame to stand how I feel. Decided that there's no way for me not to have a longboard this summer. It's so freaking hard watching almost all of my friends having it, so I really need to buy it. I almost collected all the money I need for my new bows tattoo on my legs which is going to cost me a little fortune. But hey, since tattoos makes me happier than one ever could be and we can say they're my religion...why the hell not?!

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