I never liked you anyway


I decided for something more casual for this rainy little Friday (read: Thursday).
Have you noticed my new Vans shoes, guys? They're so cool, right? I definitely need at least one more pair of them. Please, stop me before I start mentioning Vans clothing. To-die-for! Before I forget, I have another little surprise for you guys. From now on I'm going to try to post once a week a video about me. Every week something different - from my everyday make-up - how to do it, funny moments, hanging with my friends, fooling around, working, preparing for new outfit post to my nights out. So there's going to be a lot of fun things, just make sure to stay tuned!

Let's talk about my "I never liked you anyway" T-shirt, shall we? I'm not trying to be cocky or something like that. You know, like "yoo, back off, I don't like you". This T-shirt is actually my message to all those people I don't like (I'm such a nice person, I simply think good of everyone!). To all the douchebags I used to date or just met, to all the jerks who thought they can do whatever because I'm going to like them anyway - eeeeee wrong! To all those bitches and copy cats I absolutely don't like or never liked. People like to think if you're nice to them you like them. Naive, people. To all those fake friends I had. And then it's also just for fun. When I am walking through the city wearing this T-shirt it always happens that someone passes by and says something like "I never like you anyway. Aha, ok - you loose" and they always make my day a little bit. Well, if nothing else, they bring a smile on my face and thank you for that, cute strangers. Living in the center of Ljubljana definitely gives you quite a few similar situations. Usually when I'm having a shooting for my blog it happens that people start to take pictures and wave to me. Or every now and then seeing the same people but never get to know them. And there're few hot guys I wouldn't mind knowing their names, at all! Maybe I should be like "o hey cutie, it's the third time I saw you, you should have a coffee with me...I'm fuuuuun." Yeah, probably not going to happen. In my mind - yes. In sober reality - probably no. 

Since this day is terrible and I like seeing people going away from me at least a bit happier then they came to me, I can't leave you guys go from my blog in the same mood. So I'm going to reveal the first thing about my secret project I've been working on since the Philips Fashion Week. And now when we got the whole team together I can finally reveal that I'm doing something big (you're going to be able to see on what in May) with our famous raper and my homie Rok Terkaj - Trkaj and with our also famous fashion bitch - Manja Plešnar!  This girl is energy bomb! It's so fun and always positive to be around her! On what exactly are we working on and with whom also, stay tuned. More fresh news coming soon.

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