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I think I've never shared my private party pictures here on my blog. Am I right? But when it comes to my favourite club in Ljubljana - K4, I just can't resist. Their pictures are always sooo....YES! Ok, it's true that I always look at the pictures from the clubs on the next day and think that I look like I've been partying for two days and forgot that shower and make up exists, but still. It's just funny that you go out looking pretty fresh and normal and then at the end of the night you simply look...well, like I told you. The ironic part here is that I don't really remember when was the last time we actually finished with the party at 6am and went home instead continue to party. Sleep is for the weak, right? And we're young, wild and free!

This Friday night I started drinking with the girls and two of my best friends and then around midnight caught up in the city with my girl Urška and our friend Natan. Still not sure what the hell were we doing for two hours, but we finally made it to the K4 around 2am. I feel sorry that I missed DirtySpeakerz again (I also missed them on the Drum and Bass Conference) but there will be more chances. I'm glad we had so much fun and danced the night off! Oh, and before I forget something really important - Urška were rocking a Topshop flower print dress while I was rocking  Antlers Lodge Clothing  safari tank top again. Meow!

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