I'm still a little bit in a whole pin-up style you can see. I wore this outfit for a relaxing evening in Tivoli with Martin and my dog Tashi. I never been a fan of parks before but then I discovered a charm of London parks. People bring citares and they sing in a circle with their friends and have a good time or they listen music on their Ipod, play some outdoor games or just read some book or a magazine. I love to go to Hyde Park but there's always too much people and you can barely get some place on a little bit more alone. can get such a yummey sandwich with nuts, there. My favorite is still St.James Park, for sure. Maybe because it's smaller and very close to our flat there so we don't need to take an Underground to get there. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that London parks blown me away and that's the real reason why I go more often to Tivoli now. It's not the same but I still can bring some snacks, drinks, Ipod and have a good time with my friends and my boyfriend from time to time.

The week is comming to an end finally and I am heading to Portorož over the weekend! I have so many to-do lists right now, it is hard to keep track. What have you all got planed for the weekend?

I was wearing:
Topshop Jeans
Dorothy Perkins jumper
Topshop coat

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