Hi how're you? Yes, it's nice to meet me.


Hello beauties! I went out last night for a dinner with my boyfriend Martin. We decided for Thai cuisine this time. I was not even a fan of Thai food before but then I discover this lovely modern Thai restaurant in the city  a few years ago named Dabuda. Completely another level of Thai cuisine! More modern, I guess..
So yesterday we went there after a long time, actually. There's always such a good atmosphere. For a second I looked over the tables and tried to figeared out with what kind of reasons are the othere people there. For instance. A group of girls were celebrating a birthday and having a little girls chit-chat time then on another table was definitely a middle aged guys night, and on the another one..business dinner, maybe? So interesting. So many different people on the same place at the same time but with the completely different reasons. And then from nowhere my best girlfriend showed up with my another very dear friend. They came to surprise me and to say hello because I decited not to go out this time with them. I was so happy to see them that I couldn't even believe they there! At that point I realized that I should be so happy to have a friends and boyfriend who make my day better just because I can see them for 5 minutes. And that I should never taking them for granted. How was your friday night? 

I was wearing:
Dorothy Perkins pants
Topshop polka dot shirt
Dorothy Perkins shoes
Stradivarius blazer

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