Pyjama-Style Jumpsuit


Another big fashion trend I like - Pyjama-Style Jumpsuit! 
Stella McCartney featured some of the most stylish ones on runways and that's how I fell in love with this fashion trend. I bought this H&M jumpsuit a year ago but it wan't its turn to be worn until few days ago. And now I know what designers were thinking when they sent this pyjama-style jumpsuit on runways. First it's so comfortable to wear, you almost feel like you don't have anything on, but then you look down and remember..."ooh, yeah I'm wearing this light jumpsuit". And it doesn't take you forever to get ready. You literally just put it on and that's it.

But there's still one thing when it comes to Pyjama-Style Jumpsuit you have to be careful about and that's how you wear it. You probably don't want to look like you’ve borrowed Hugh Hefners pyjama, right? Well, at least I was afraid of that, so I've put my favorite accessory on - the lipstick! Red lipstick in this case, because it invigorates the whole outfit. You can also wear just one piece..for example : a pyjama style top combined with old pair of jeans in case you're not for radical changes. Or just a pyjama-style pants with summer bright-color t-shirt and blazer on, or something like that.

So, what do you think about pyjama-style jumpsuit fashion trend? Likey? You can also check out Stella McCartney pyjamas-style here.

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