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Just look at these shoes!! I'm completely crazy about them, honestly! This new, well not really new...even I know for this cute little store since summer so it's not really new but still completely amazing shop is my newest obsession! I'm talking about cute little store called Boutique Jež located in old part of our town (Stari trg). It's actually almost next to my house. Who's the lucky girl? Right now I can't even think or write because I'm going so crazy about their stuff...I mean, what shoes and bags, and sunglasses and oh...everything?! Now try to guess where's gonna all my money go when my favourite holiday "Payday" comes?

Today was one of those days when I was replaying moments in my head over and over wishing I could relive them. Lately I think a lot about the past. Do you ever wonder why things have to turn out the way they do? I do and if something turned out the wrong way it's killing me. Sometimes I feel like my feelings are going to eat me alive. I guess I still have to learn that some things or people can stay in your heart but not necessarily in your life. When I feel that way I like to sit on my window, looking out at the people (rushing and doing their own things) and write my diary.
So yesterday when I was doing exactly the same thing I came across with a great idea! First of all I'd love to go away for a while and do my own things with new people. I love my friends more than anything and there are no words who can describe how thankful I am to them for being always there for me. But sometimes you need to go away and have a fresh new start so you can have a normal, happy old life back. No, no...no London this time. I was so many times there now, and I have never been there just for a week so I always stayed there for a while, which is a reason why London is now like my second home. But I'd really love to live for a few months or maybe a year in Phoenix, Arizona and have weekend road trips to CA. That's something I want and definitely going to do in 2013. I'm day dreaming about having road trips somewhere around the Phoenix, sit in the night around fire place with friends, furnace munch-mallows  playing guitar, singing and joking around. It sounds so nice, right? Well maybe one day, who knows? Until then I'll just sit here && pretend it is all going to happen very soon.

Check out my shoes also on Gifyo

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