Valentine's day inspired photo shooting


Heey, lovelies.
I'm sorry I've been off for a while again. My friend Jack from Perth, Australia came to see me for a few days so I was showing him our small but still very beautiful city and taking him out clubbing  for the last few days! I was really so excited to have him here for a while. We actually met in London in December and we connected immediately so we stayed in touch after he left for his European trip and since he was in Venice he decided to come and see me! 

On Sunday I had this amazing photo shooting with my favourite  photographer Antonio Per and my favourite make up artist Ana Jerič (studied at MUD ). Somehow we're doing great together. It's so easy to be around them, we have always so much fun. Actually so much fun that I'm usually trying not to cry and ruin my make up because I'm laughing so hard. So this time we met to do a Valentine's day inspired photo shooting. And what I like the most about us is that we always come out with some idea and in the end we always make a great job! I can't wait to show you what we have done this time, but you have to wait until Valentine's day, darlings. But until then I'm giving you a little sneak peek in our photo shooting behind the scene....

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