So we said goodbye to the masquerade with yesterday's party and now we're about to say hello to Valentine's day. How was your masquerade, ladies? What have you been for that one night you can be whatever you want?

I have to admit I'm a pretty huge fan of masquerade. I just love the energy...the laughter and sweets and playfulness of it all. I like not knowing precisely who is behind each mask and talking and laughing with the strangers behind the mask. Just the feeling when you get to the club full of different masks and you see Shrek and Fiona having fun somewhere in the corner of the club or Spider-Man and Corpse bride drinking together or just some zombie dancing with a princess is so...let's say precious. It's just that one special night you may end up getting drink with a priest and going home with a cheerleader. The only thing I may not really like  about masquerade and the whole carnival thing are the doughnuts! Shocking a bit, isn't it? I love doughnuts...but chocolate, vanilla or anything else than our ordinary doughnuts with apricot filling. The only time in the whole year I may end up eating one or maybe two is for masquerade. So anyway this year I wanted to be a Vampire! It was so fun talking to people and watching their reaction because of my eyes. No one could look me in the eyes for more than a 30 seconds. And my friends were like "can you please put your eyes-contact out because I can't even look you in the eyes right now". So I have to say I had really fun masquerade this year. Where have you spent your night, guys? How was it?

I have a few new posts that I have to upload so stay tuned. I'm already working on my new outfit post that I should actually upload a few days ago but I just couldn't find time so it's cooming up tonight. And before I forget...I'm having something special for you tomorrow!!

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