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Alohaaaa! What's good, guys?
Have you ever been in a position where you liked an outfit so much that you just wanted to wear it also the next day. I know, dirty girl haha. But I like dirt, and I also like being dirty, so we don't really have a problem here. But I swear if I wouldn't have a business meeting later I would still wear this outfit. But my bad...they saw me yesterday in it haha, so I have to change. And stop wearing last night make-up! My skin is so not going to be thankful for that. Well, bummer.

I noticed that I have a little trouble when it comes to being by myself. I'm terrified of that! Since that last summer I was somehow almost 24/7 in a company with someone or group of people (friends), so I was never really alone. Even when I got home someone was usually with me. And then I went for a bit more than a month to London, where I was also living with someone for the whole time and being surrounded with random people who became my friends later (yes, I'm still in touch with them), so again...I was never alone. It's true that I'm kind of person who's really social and needs friends, company almost like the air. But I used to know what to do with myself when I was alone somewhere, let's say home. But not now. If I have my things to do (blog, studying, writing, drawing, project work, etc.) it's fine. Because I'm doing something now that I have to and I'm enjoying in doing that. But if I have a free time and it happens that I have to be alone. Well, call 112, because I'm about to freak out! And that's why I still have to spend the most of the day with someone. Thanks good for my Lola (my Pony bike) who's making my travel from one side of the city to another much easier! I like being in a company and all the time surrounded with interesting people but the thing is...I have to learn being on my own again! Sometimes I feel how much I'd love just to sit and watch TV all by myself and doing nothing, but then I got this flash / scary feeling and immediately call someone. It's weird, ha?  I just hope the next step is not sleeping with a light on! Just kidding.

I was wearing this edgy skull skirt with my diy BillaBong crop top for this outfit post. Crop tops - also one of my obsessions for this summer! It's not even safe leaving a normal, maybe a bit oversized t-shirt in my area, because there's pretty good chance's that I'm going to make a crop top from it. Oopsy. I just need a long board. Seriously, I want that thing, so if you have one and you don't need it...hello my new best friend! No, kidding, but I really wish I could have one. 

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