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I'm not well, yooo! Right now I'm stuck in bed with fever, sore throat and I feel I can't move a muscle. I was working crazy for the last few weeks and my immune system is very weak so now I guess I need to stay home for a day or two and get some much-needed rest. Even though I feel like I'm dying right now I try to look at this from the bright side: I can finally catch up with the last few American Horror Story episodes! I can't wait for the season 4!!

Besides I'm stuck in bed right now I had so much fun working on new things, lately. Except the part when I had photoshootings and had to freeze dressed like in the middle of the summer while the rest of the team was covered in blankets and warm jackets. But it was worth it, every time. And it's gonna be even more worth it when I see exhibition of my pictures in a museum in a few weeks. But more about that soon. We've been also working on something completely new and different from everything I did until now but I unfortunately still have to keep it a secret for a while. Let's put the work on a side because I wasn't just working all the time...

 I also had a lot of coffees, ate a lot of Mexican and Indian food. Every second week we get together with my close friends and cook something different. We started with Indian cousine, continued with Mexican and for the next week we're planning a Sushi night or African cousine. I also went to a few concerts and Hardcore Fest, got a new ink, got a few pretty roses and flowers from my friends which made me very happy (I'm still waiting for someone to buy me a blue rose-my favourite), being pissed about not being a mermaid, got a Marc Jacobs beanie, tried to live just a bit healthier life, enjoyed beautiful weather and soaking up the sun, hanging with friends, being romantic, read a lot, overthinking and even letting go things. But mostly I learned something new and that's that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

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