I've been dreaming for a long time to somehow help children and work for UNICEF! I know there're a lot of people who already help somehow and work for the organisation, but I think what really counts is not to work for your own interests but only for the childrens' sake. And not everybody is doing this to be honest. And that's one of the reasons why I think I could actually do something good and maybe be helpful here - because I truly never thought (I swear I'm not just saying that) that I could have any benefit besides a smile on a little buddy's face and knowing you might have made him feel better and give him some love and do the best in your power do try to provide him with a better life.

I'm going to disclose the plan eventually but for now I'm just gonna let you know that I'm going to do some voluntary work for UNICEF and that I'm totally thrilled about it. I'm starting on Sunday - March 22nd World Water Day and after the work I'm catching up on a meeting with Ana Pšenica who's a volunteer coordinator for UNICEF to discus my ideas for workshops I'd like to have for them. More about that soon.

Now...I'd like to turn to Slovenian people for a second or two. I know we see advertisements to send a message with the keyword on 1919 or something like that and help children all the time, but we just pass by thinking "Oh, I should do that" or "that's bullshit" but it's really not and we should do that. Not just think about it but do it. Just think for a minute. We all live a life someone would kill to have it. We have everything and even more. You can stop anytime you want in a store and buy a freaking Coca-Coca, chocolate, go to Mexican restaurant or even order a food home while someone in China, India, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Bangladesh only wishes to have drinking water. Can you imagine a life without drinking water? You can't, huh?  

According to the UNICEF and the World Health Organization 768 million people lack access to safe drinking water, what causes illness and deaths of hundreds of thousands children. Access to safe water sources is the main problem for poor inhabitants of remote areas or urban slums.UNICEF estimates that the every day 1,400 children under five years of age die due to diarrhoea caused by contaminated water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene.

A lot of times I see people but not a lot of humanity, so let's change that a be different! I mean...imagine that was you and you would need basic needs. You would be happy to have someone out there who helps you...would you? All you need to is to send a message on 1919 with a keyword UNICEF and donate only 1 euro with that we provide one child drinking water for 40 days!  Who's in?

If you decide to help and send a message I'd be happy if you let me know you did that.

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