Life on standby


This photo-camera service is just taking way too long! I know. Patience...
But it's hard to have a patience when a freaking photo-camera put your life on a standby. Photo-camera! I it even normal not to know what to do with your life just because you end up without photo-camera? You know how in The Wolf Of Wall Street Donnie asks Jordan; "How's being sober?" and he replies "It fucking sucks"?...well, that could be my situation, but with photo-camera. I'm not so sure if I should laugh to myself, you "oh, you silly!" or seriously think about it! But all this photo-shootings, events, collaborations and just catching special and inspiring moments is really what I do the best and what makes me truly happy. I just love being creative and being able to share it with all of you awesome people.

Last week I had a photo-shooting and I just couldn't resist asking Kaja to take a few pictures of my outfit for my blog before we stared with the serious shooting. And then she couldn't resist saying "no" to me. What can I say...I can be charming. Just kidding:) 
I slept just a few hours that day and started my day at 6am but I enjoyed every minute of it. And Maja Razboršek, my make up artist that day seriously did an amazing job. I loved the make up so much! But mostly appreciate she took her time and jumped in the last minute (read: a night before photo-shooting). And then here was also Kaja Ward, who made all this possible and took a pictures of my outfit.

 It's been a crazy day, we've been running from one part of town to another for six or seven hours and at the end I could see on our faces how tired we all are, but it was so damn worth it! I mean, how wouldn't it be? We end up our day with a "dinner" in McDonald's and a shot of schnapps! Even through I'm a pretty huge fan of McDonald's and well..shame on me, alcohol too, there was nothing better than going to bed knowing I spent a whole day doing what I like to do the most. After a long time I fell asleep overhead happy.

I was wearing:
- Antlers Lodge Clothing safari tank top
-In Archives beanie
-Topshop bomber jacket
-Elizabeth Mad dress

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