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I should post this article about a week ago and I just couldn't find a time again. Besides time is not really on my side lately, I also had some serious issues with my health, so I'm trying to work as much as I could without pressure. Almost mission impossible...

But, this post is not about's about this gorgeous lady - my make up artist, Manca Smrekar. Since she's in my team now and also we already started to work I though it would be nice if you could have a chance to meet her too. For me it is always such a pleasure working with her. Not only because we laugh a lot, which is sometimes an issue, because we have some troubles finishing the work...but also because she just knows how to work on my freaking face! You may think now: "Duh, she knows. She's a make-up artist". But it's really not that simple. I've been working with a few different artists and they are all nothing but great, but she's the one, because she does not care only about the make up but also about how that make up fits my face or what it does to my eyes...

1. How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?
My signature style doesn't exist. I always try things and they never define my style when I do makeup, cause everyone has a unique face so they need something that fits them, not me. But something that should stand out. I always make an effort to combine make up with people's style, dress, anything that fits and makes it a good combo.

2.What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?
Wow, I can be surprised how some girls feel comfortable when they put to much everything on so it looks heavy and fake. Just let me take care of it, please.

3.What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?
(9gag picture) Bitches eyebrows be on font size 36 times new roman bold.

4.Do you see yourself someday creating your own line of makeup?
As long as my face won't show up on the package of the new eyeliner, I'm okay with the idea.

5.Why do you like your job as a make up artist so much?
I like it because it gives pleasure when someone lets you take care of them, for such delicate thing that is make up. So they completely trust me, that's what pleases me the most.

6. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Inspiration comes in weird ways sometimes it just snaps out like someone would punch me in the face and I get a cool idea. But sometimes I have to ask it really nicely to come. So inspiration is really weird thing that I don't understand.

7. What do you love the most about make up?
I love it when I have too many things brushes,colours, lipsticks and this and that and I just don't know what to take and I look for a brush for 5 minutes. I stare at the make-up kit and I can’t find it so it usually appears in my hand. When your try to do something good with too many or too little things and there is no in-between.

8.If you weren't a make up artist, what else would you do?
Well its the same answer as in the childhood, I would be a famous pop sensation singer or a cat. Jk, I have no idea, it's beyond my imagination.

9.When did you first become interested in cosmetics?
Probably when I was little, but not so little, my friends came to my house and I wanted to show them my new make up idea. Inclulding destroying my mom's lipstick so I put that lipstick all over my face, including teeth and i wanted to tell my friends to be quiet, but I couldn't because of the lipstick on my teeth, I just couldn't do "shhh shhh shhhhhh shhh" so my mom busted me.

10.How do you use lipstick as an accessory?
Hah funny. Not on teeth anymore, haha. For me lipstick is a perfect accessory. Or if I don't have cheek blush I would also use a lipstick.

11.What are some of your favorite products in your makeup kit?
I really love to use animal friendly stuff so I buy things from Coastal Scents, Illimasqua, Essence, BH Cosmetics, Kryolan, I’m still looking for the perfect match…

12.What tips can you give to young women who want to have beautiful skin?
It's really important that you remind yourself daily about your skin because if you want results, you need to change daily routine. A lot of things are important for your skin to look beautiful, fresh, taken care of, instead tired. First tip is food, always food. And to look healthy you must eat healthy, lots of omega-3 fats, fruits, nuts, proteins, but not too much. Then you need plenty of water, remind yourself to drink, use reminders on phone, write down notes to drink water. And last but probably not least is to use creams, tonic, masks, put your make up gently on and always put your make up off. Here is one mask for you to use peach mask: you need one peach and egg white. Peel the peach and mix it with egg white, put that on the face and let it work for 20 minutes. Take it of first with warm water and then with cold water after that use your daily cream. One of the most important things is sports, you need to wake up your skin so the best way is running (jogging). And also don't expose your skin to sun too much.

13.What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
My strength comes when someone needs help, I become Hulk to help them out. My weakness is always food I can't say no to it or it can't say no to me I don’t know we just can’t argue.

14.Where do you want to be in five years?
Drinking whiskey on my new yacht with Jared Leto on it, singing me a song and Leonardo passing me food or feeding me. If you believe in fairy tales, but if you don’t probably at home doing laundry and cooking for kids.

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