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I was lucky girl once again! After Phillips Fashion Week I was also invited to International Fashion Week by Fashion.si! There were a lot of...well, not very flattering critiques and I really can't understand why? Yes, they could get some "better" designers. And by "better" I don't mean they are not good... not at all! What I'm trying to say is there's a lot of International designers and they could get some more "wow" once. But still, I was enjoying every single moment in the presented ones! And there were quite a few designers, especially young designers that have blown me away! The first and the second day! And not to mention the whole organization! They took a FW to the whole another level! Fancy level! From the ride with Mercedes Benz there and back to the place you want to welcome drinks, how the place was arranged, photographers who photograph also people with some good outfits, not only famous people from Slovenia. So I don't see what was that wrong. It's not easy to make such a great event and I think they did a great, great job! It's just too bad there was not at least one more day.

I have decided to post my outfits from the first and the second day of IFW with some mix photos first, but I'll also post my favorite pieces from fashion shows that I would love to have and music from the runways a little bit later. So, keep checking!

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