Versace Monday


The rain finally stopped for a while and I decided to put my All-Stars on.
I remember how we used to walk on each others All-Stars so they got "dirty" faster. You know, there's a rule about All-Star shoes which sais that they have to look like you walked some miles in them. So we always tried to make our new pair look like that. Did you ever do the same thing? Walk on each others shoes? Anyway beside my old pair of All-Stars I finally had a chance to wear this gorgeous Versace shirt which I have..I guess 2 years now but I never get a chance to wear it before. Until now! I also wore Topshop denim skirt after awhile now and Versace belt. 

I was wearing:
Topshop denim skirt
Versace shirt
Versace belt
All Star shoes

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