No more Fashion Week virgin!


So here is a thing: I'm no more Fashion Week virgin, people!
I swear, I've been waiting my whole life for moment like this! I spend so many days and nights thinking how awesome would it be if I ever had a chance to make it to Fashion Week. But then first day of our second Phillips Fashion Week I just stop asking myself  and waiting for a miracle to happen. And the very next second  after I stop thinking about that..well, it happened! And I swear there's no words who can describe how I feel in that moment. I could feel the butterflys in my stomach and my hands were shaking a little bit and I had to talk to myself "OK, this is real, so real", because I couldn't believe it's really real! And all that really AMAZING people I had a chance to quickly  meet! I would also love to thank a millions everyone who make me apart of a moment I would never forget!

This is an outfit I wore for second day of Philips Fashion Week. I choose a little bit more comfortable clothes because I was there from the morning to the night. First I was attend a few presentations in the morning which was so inspired and then in the shows of course! And I meet amazing Fred Butler!

I was wearing:
Topshop jeans
H&M shirt
H&M blazer
Swarovski necklaces

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