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Ok, we have sunshine last few days and to be completely honest it's not even that cold so yes...right now I don't need to wear gloves. But, we all still remember how cold it was just a few days before and...well, for the last few weeks, maybe months, don't we? Since I'm one of those people who are truly addicted to their phones (my friends usually get a bit angry at me, because I'm on my phone all the time and I have to have my phone in my hands all the time...not in purse, where I can't see it and even more terrible hear it, but in my hands!) and I have to be in touch with it constantly so I never really liked gloves. I mean it's frustrating to take my gloves down every 5 minutes just so I can check my phone, reply on a message or just answer the call. Guess what, guys? Not any more!

I got these amazing gloves (thanks TTgloves - touchscreen gloves for saving my life) yesterday. The best part here is that they not just any gloves...they are...wait for it...TOUCHSCREEN gloves. And that means that I can actually use my phone while I'm wearing gloves. Ha, two problems solved! Now I can use my phone whenever I want and be warm at the same time! How perfect is that, seriously? Because they're just too good to be true I can't keep them just for myself so I'm also giving you guys a chance to get your pair of these amazing gloves! You guys can choose the colour you want and the size. So if you also want to have a pair of these gloves, here's what you need to do:

1. LIKE TTgloves - touchscreen gloves fb page
2. LIKE Selma fb page
3. Leave your e-mail under the picture on my facebook

With just a little luck they can be yours :)

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