Can you save my bastard soul?


I'm back to short hair for the summer! It's so freaking hot it's almost mission impossible having a long hair during those hot summer days. What do you think about my new change?

Speaking about summer and holidays and those fancy shit - I'm stuck in Ljubljana. And I'm jealous to everyone who's enjoying right now at the seaside or travelling around. Lucky bastards. I though I'm going to enjoy this summer, travelling, surfing, hanging with my friends and instead of all that I'm stuck in town, working and going through some major changes. One of the changes I'm speaking about is moving on my own! And it's actually weird feeling. I dreamed about having my own cute, little apartment for a years, but now when my parents supported me and when moving is just around the corner I'm a little bit scared. I don't I really ready for that big step, yet? But it's so fun looking for the furniture and planning how's everything going to look like.

I'm seriously planning when I find some time to go to Vipassana meditation center in Italy. Vipassana which means to see things as they really are is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation. It was rediscovered by Gotama Buddha more than 2500 years ago. I already told you a little bit about me beeing all about meditation lately, right? Right now I'm learning to accept what I cannot change. When we force something or try and change it we just make it worse, we push it away even further. We should let the universe know exactly what we want and just trust that whatever happens is the right decision. And if we don't get what we want it's only because it just wasn't meant for us, we'd learned all we could from the situation and something better is waiting for us out there! Reading books about meditation is truly balm for the soul. 

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