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There're a few new outfit posts waiting for me to publish them, but let me start with this one! 
New ink, guys! Because tattoos make me happier than a man ever could! Well, maybe not really...after all love is love and the person I like probably could make me happier, but that's not the point here. I'm so happy I got a new ink! But now when I get it (well, actually it's been a week since I've got it), I already want a new one. That shit is freaking addictive! It's true, tattoos are like potato chips, you can't have just one.   Since I got it I have a feeling that my arm looks so empty and I keep looking at it and think "this place here is too damn empty, I need a new ink here!".  But this time I have to have a little patience and wait at least for September to get a new ink. We all know summer is the most wrong time that could be for getting a new ink, but I just didn't care. And I should, but least I have a new art on my arm! It still makes me angry when I think that I'm not fully covered in tattoos!

Thank so much to my dear friend Tilen Časar, who's starting to work as a tattoo artist in Trbovlje in the coolest tattoo studio I've seen so far! He made me this tattoo for free and I'm seriously so happy that I'm definitely keeping him as my personal tattoo artist. And I'm not joking or saying this because he's my good friend (after all I'm having ink on my arm for the whole life so I would not go just to someone), but he's really good and talented! I really feel like this guy is going to be big in the tattoos world in the future. And the best part here is that their tattoo studio is not even expensive! So if you guys thinking about getting a new ink in the future (they opened their tattoo studio in September I think), you have more than right place to go! No, wait. This post is about me and my new ink haha, so....what do you think? :)

7am, train station.
Waiting to go to Trbovlje early in the morning. 

10am, tatoo studio.
Tilen is drawing my tattoo and trying to wake up with Monster energy drink.

Ok, here we go.
You're probably wondering if it hurts. Nope. I was too freaking scared for nothing, like everytime.

 Looking all badass and shit with the new ink! No, just kidding:) 

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