Maybe this world is another planet’s hell


I catch myself thinking about the internet when I'm out in the public. It's actually funny, isn't it? Most people think about the love of their life, their crush, holidays, places or something like that, but I'm obviously so weird I'm thinking about the internet and food. It keeps happening to me that I'm out with my friends when I start thinking how cool would it be if I was at home browsing through the internet with a yummy sandwich by my side (sorry guys, but hungry me is not a happy me). It's not that I'm bored with my friends....oh, hell NO! I think I'm just too much away from home and I'm probably starting to miss having some time with myself. Actually I don't even remember when was the last time I sat in front of the computer and just do nothing! 

I have completely randomly spotted some interesting zodiac facts about me on Tumblr. This is actually mind fuck, because everything is so damn true and every single word is like "oh yes, that so me". So if there's any Libra besides me out there, listen to this: we basically hate being alone and we need to have people around us to keep us company. True! Remember how I keep saying you that I hate being alone? Then another fact "There's not a party until Libra get's drunk. They have no restraint and they can get into a lot of troubles - because of this they will often find themselves in many interesting and possibly awkward situations. " True, again!  Next interesting fact: "As a Libra you are pretty easy to be with and you usually make dynamic talker. You also have a wonderful sense of style."I'm not cocky or anything but hey yooo, it's true again! I know this is getting kind of annoying but I just have to share a one more fact. Ok? Ok! So the last one is: "Libras are born charmers. You are able to easily smooth over rough edges, bring out smile and laughter in people and you have a natural ability to make others feel or think that they are wonderful." Hello, true fact, again! My favourite guy friend just told me a few days ago that he loves how I'm always smiling and laughing. And I really like to make people I care about feel like they are wonderful, because they really are to me.  This zodiac facts were always super interesting to me. Once I start reading something like this I can barely stop. 

I also spotted that one of the negative things we Libras have is insomnia! And here we are again....remember how I keep complaining how I can never sleep? Boom! It's 3.39am right now, so this shit must be true. Speaking about time, I should probably go to bed slowly. I'm modelling tomorrow (actually today) for my two friends new clothing brand Antlers Lodge Clothing, and then meeting with, because I'm also modelling for them in a week. Yeah, I better get some sleep! 

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