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Have you ever heard about Antlers Lodge Clothing and why not?
So, everything started many many years ago in a land far far away by two handsome Grimm brothers. Ok, maybe it wasn't that far away. And maybe they were not the real Grimm brothers, even though one of the guys is also called Jacob.

Everything started here in Ljubljana, when Jacob and Luka decided to create their own brand called Antlers Lodge Clothing. They just stared working on their brand and there are already so many great things coming their way. I'll give you a hint. One of the things is possibly working and selling their clothes in...wait for it...Paris! Great hopes, right? You create your own brand and make barely a few tank tops and Paris already likes you. Damn you, lucky bastards. The target population are definitely a bit more edgy, grunge people, but after all we're still talking about the fashion - even if you're not into the grunge style, you can still wear these tank tops and combine them your way, and that's the best part here. Well,'s not. The best part here is that they are not that expensive!

Right now I'm totally obsessed with this safari tank top you see me wearing on the pictures. How cool is this tank top, seriously? Miaaaw, so sexy! After I was modelling for their brand and after I also got this safari tank top, I think I've been wearing it for two days. Two days!! I know what you guys think right now, but I just couldn't resist. Even the police officers who drove by gave us a "thumb up" for this top. So YES, you should definitely show the guys some love and check out their page. There's not much yet, but some great new stuff is coming soon, so stay tuned. Oh and before I forget...this tank top I'm wearing is actually for the guys, but you know how much I love oversized things so I decided to wear this one. But you can get a smaller size as well.

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