Fashion Week Aquafresh - day 2


First let me say I'm sorry I'm so late with my Fashion Week posts, but after we came to the end of the Fashion Week Aquafresh I unfortunately got sick. But now I'm fine again. Tired a little but happy and fine.

The second day of Fashion Week Aquafresh we could see Garevski, Nina Susnjara, Akultura, Miro Misljen, Tanja Zorn, Squat // Young@Squat and Aleksandrabrlan. I have to say I feel it was much better than the first day. I was blown away quite a few times. I was thinking for a while who I should choose as my favourite from that night and I really can't decide just for one! I liked Akultura by Alenka Globočnik so much! Her basic idea of the collection was "less is more". And her collection includes almost all of my favourite materials what means: leather, cotton, zippers and wait for it...nets! Yes. I was in an Oh-I-Got-a-Vision-How-I-Would-Wear-That land for a few minutes. I also liked a lot what I saw on Squat // Young@Squat runway. Their collection "Accidentally on purpose"  mix sports with classic, street style fashion with haute couture and future with tradition. What I especially liked on their collection is that there were a few unisex pieces.

For the second day of the Fashion Week Aquafresh I've been wearing Sisley shirt, Topshop leggings, Topshop faux fur and Dr. Martens boots. Gorgeous Maja Vu took care of my make up and did an amazing job on my face again! I could rock this make up every day! Well...I wish I could.

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