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I feel so bad! I totally put my blog off those last few days. Ok, maybe weeks. Man, that sounds awful! I've been trying so hard to make everything work but it was impossible! As you all know by now I started to work for my favourite clothing brand ever - Topshop! And while I'm speaking about Topshop, let me just say that working for them is like a dream job! Actually I don't even feel like I have to work - I just do something that I really like and something that I'm so passionate about! So I'm working hard, studying (well, at least I'm trying to) and working for my blog. It's just impossible to work on all those things at the same time. But all those things mean everything to me right now so I don't want to put off any one of them, so I got this great solution! I'm getting an assistant! 

Lovely girl Manca (you're going to meet her soon) is going to be my assistant from now on and help me a little bit with the things. Fashion week is also just around the corner so I'm really grateful for her help, I'm so going to need her! I'm also preparing something new for you guys (I promise you're going to love it) but you have to wait a little more. I also started to work on a new project with a magazine we all know very well but more about that later. I'm really sorry I haven't posted much lately and I promise I'll post much more soon. Just be patient with me, please. How have you been, guys? 

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