Tuesday morning


Good morning, beautiful people!
It's Tuesday morning and I'm ready to rock it! How about you, guys? Are you ready to make the new day your bitch? It's still freezing outside but it looks like we may have a little bit of sunshine.

I'm drinking my second cup of coffee and enjoying the beauty of an early morning. I'm not a morning person, I really love to stay in bed as long as I can. Especially if it's cold outside and you can stay snuggled in warm bed. Well, that doesn't happen often lately so I'm kind of getting to like waking up early with a sound of a good song in the back. And a cup of coffee in my hands as soon as possible, of course. I love how's everything quiet early in the morning. And you can basically watch how the city is waking up and how streets are slowly starting to get filled by rushing people. For me it is time to finish my second cup of delicious coffee, do some yoga, take a shower and go out there to this cold world and start my day which I hope is not going to be that cold. Tonight I'm having an interesting event to attend! Lovers of meditation, spirituality and esoteric stay tuned!

For this look I was inspired by Rihanna! I saw her few days ago wearing her shirt something like this and I just couldn't resist trying it! It looks so badass! What do you think? 

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