Fashion Week Aquafresh - day 1


Oh,'s really happening! While the rest of the fashion weeks around the world came to an end, we started with our hardly expected Slovenian Fashion Week Aquafresh! I don't know if fashion lovers, fashion addicts or however you call us feel the same way but for me those few days of the fashion week feel like paradise! There're no words that can describe how I feel during the shows. I think I said this already back in April but I'll say it one more time: I feel like a child who has got a bag full of her favourite candies or favourite toy she wanted for a loooong time! It's just a little bit better (sorry children). Ha, wait! Two days ago fashion week opened its door with a Nitro conference and all of the invited famous Slovenians who made their dreams come true around the world got the same question to answer - what is happiness? Right now the happiness is being a part of fashion week for me! 

First day we've been able to see M*Faganel, Maja Štamol, Urša Drofenik, Sofia Nogard, Irena Funduk Fashion and Ivan Rocco. If I'm completely honest with you guys I've expected a little bit more from presented designers! Don't get me wrong here - they all did a great job of course and put a lot of effort into their collections but still there was just a few pieces that caught my eye. And I wish there was more of them. My favourite from that night was without doubt Ivan Rocco! I loved the colours, the prints, materials and I loved that he made a dress which looks like a skirt! Remember few posts ago when I was wearing one of my shirts as a skirt? I was thinking how cool would it be if someone would make a skirt or dress that looks exactly like a shirt. And he did! Ivan, you read my mind! Thank you, keep doing that. I also had a chance to talk with him for a while and he really looks such a nice guy. But mostly...really humble. And I appreciate that in people so much because these days it so rare. 

My eyes also liked what they saw on Sofia Nogard runway! There was a lot of translucent materials which I like a lot of course. What a shock, ha? Even though we can see a body through the clothes it's not in a trashy or flashy way. It's in very discreet, gentle and playful way, I promise. I also liked her colour palette - there was a lot of black (black is one of my absolutely favourite colours), but at the same time she served us also a dose of pastel colours. By pastel colours I mean colour powder, gentle blue and light gray which was here and there intersected by strong tones like fluorescent orange. Materials were also pleasing! Especially leather! I really got a little "I like what I see" smile when I saw a leather top, black pants with leather pockets and  fluorescent orange dress with black laces over.

While we are speaking about leather I guess it's not a surprise I wore a leather Topshop dress for the first day of fashion week which I combined with also a Topshop jacket (by the way I think I'm in love with that jacket) and finished my look with ripped tights on the side and black lipstick. A big thanks to Maja Vu, who's also working with a Slovenian celebrities and takes care of their make up, for making me beautiful!

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