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My time has come! Fashion week Aquafresh is starting in an hour with the Nitro conference! 
Fashion shows are starting at the same time as always - at 9 pm, so tonight we'll be able to see M*Faganel, Maja Štamol, Urša Drofenik, Sofia Nogard, Irena Funduk Fashion and one of my favourites Ivan Rocco.

I'm so excited to be lucky enough to be part of Fashion Week again! The moment I got my accreditation made me the happiest person on Earth for a few days! Thanks so much to Avi Agency! Everthing is perfect except I'm starting to get sick! I've been working really hard last few weeks and slept just for a few hours per night so I think my decreased resistance and a whole day spent outside on the cold (we had a photoshooting yesterday) didn't help me. But I'm trying to feel better, so I'm eating vitamins, drinking smoothies, drinking a lot of water and eating healthy.

Even though I don't feel that well today just thinking of the fashion week and me having the best team again definitely made me feel a little bit better. And grateful! This year I'm collaborating with one of my favourite make up artists and also a really great and funny woman  - Maja Vučina! You already met my fashion week photographer at the last fashion week in April - remember the nice guy Blaž Kupljenik?

While I'm speaking about my team I'd really like to thank Topshop Slovenia for my goodies! I have told you guys a hundred times by now that Topshop is one of my favourite brands so I probably don't have to mention how happy, excited and grateful I am to have their awesome clothes. I'm also collaborating with Slovenian fashion designers whose designs I'm going to wear for the fashion week, but more about that soon! Stay tuned!

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