The smell of the old books


And finally I'm in front of my computer!
I have such a long day today! First I've been at Zbilje with my dolls and my dog Tashi. I go there very often because it's like 5 minutes away from my home. And I always have such a nice time there. What could be better to do on Thursday then sitting at the sun with my best girlfriends, talking about stuff I can only talk with my dolls, eat cake or drink Rafaelo coffee and having my little man(read: my dog) right beside me? Can't beat that! 

After that I went to the library with my mom and I couldn't be happier! I really need books in my life! I have to admit that when I was younger I read much more then now. For example in primary school I read all the time! Everyone knows how much I love books! Then in high school I read 2 books per week. Now I read 2 books per month! I definitely have to learn to take more time for myself in the future and read at least one book more per month. It maybe seems a little bit geek but believe me..I'm so not! I love books but I usually don't buy them. Only in case I want to have some special book at my home! I much prefer to take a book from library. It's probablly because I love the smell of the old books. So today when I was at the library I finally took a little bit more books so I make sure to read them! I also took "California" guide! I'm planing to go to LA in the summer so I need to know everything before that. Where is some good restaurantes, bars, places for stay, clubs, where to shop and where to go in Santa Monica and Malibu beach. I'm dying to go there! That's my dream place! I read in a book that everything you need is a credit card, car, beach towel, some lively curiosity and this book because LA will do the rest! Seriously, I can't wait! 

And now it's time to reveal a secret about Elle magazine! It's not the real one. I mean it is..but you can't find it in stores. This Elle magazines was a gift from my boyfriend's mom! She made me my own Elle magazine! She knows how much I love fashion and that I'm writing my own blog and for so she made my own Elle. It's like the normal one with the same topics expect everything is about ME! She always gets such a good ideas for gifts!

I was wearing:
H&M vintage jeans
H&M silk blouse
Dorothy Perkins shoes

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