Why do all good things come to an end?


Like they said : All good things come to an end! I hate so say this, but it's true. It's always like that. Always, when you are enjoying something there soon comes an end. I can't say it's ok, but that's probablly how it should be. Because after that some bigger and more "vaau" things can come. Right?
I really had an amazing time in London. Everytime I go there is better, even through I think it couldn't be. I always learn so much from our friend about people, different areas, habits, etc. And consequently fell even more in love with London. Seriously, I love everything about that city. I like how they every day after work go to a local pub for a drink, or two. And after that somewhere out for a lunch, in some resturant where they have a reservations. They have such nice habits! I'm definitely thinking about moving there in the near future. But untill then there are couple of things I'm really gonna miss, like evenings spent with our friends, how when you call or see someone first said to you : Hi, you alright?, British accent & British slang, sound of a police, underground, local shops, streets, Eat..

On the last three pictures you can see the place where Notthing Hill (the movie) was set. You can see a famous Portabello Road which we also see in the movie, full of vintage shops. And of course a very famous blue door to Hugh Grant's character William Thacker's flat. The blue door has since been sold for charity and replaced with this black one.

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