Bosnian "Magazin" magazine


I spotted myself this time in...oh, wait for it...not Slovenian, but Bosnian "Magazin" magazine. First of all I'd really like to thank Adi for this short presentation of me. Honestly there are no words which can describe how much I'm grateful for this and how much it means to me! It's such a cool feeling knowing that there are people out there, who like my style and also respect what I do. Thanks guys, knowing that is one of my favourite things!

I just came back from my short vacation at the seaside and I'm leaving this Wednesday for Sarajevo. It came from nowhere, but to be honest timing couldn't be more perfect. I finally got some sleep so I don't look so damn exhausted like I was last couple weeks...months. And I'm so excited to work there, meet you guys and explore the city! I'm also going to change my hairstyle again, so stay tuned. Interesting things coming up!

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