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Erin Wasson. She's one hot lady, isn't she? 
For all those lovely people who have never heard about this special lady - she's an American model, actress, occasional stylist and designer. Yup, all that. 

I'm totally obsessed (that sounds kind of creepy) with her lately! And just a little bit more with her home! I would die to have a home like's just soooo me! What I love about her home is that it is still modern but at the same time kind of grunge. And her home décor - omg, are you serious?! How can you even put stuff together like that? I just love it! Simply love it! I found those pictures at The Coveteur and I just had to share them with you guys! Maybe you got some good ideas for you home or room décor, like I did. Take a peek.

More pictures on The Coveteurs!

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