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What's special about this outfit is that I wear my shirt as a skirt! Gosh, how I love playing with clothes. I also wanted to give my biker boots an edgy touch so I decided to draw an "X" sign on them. A little problem came when I figured it out that I have absolutely nothing to draw with. Luckily I remember I have a white YSL lipstick which I don't use so finally her time to be noticed came. Sadly not on the lips but on the shoes. But damn...better that than nothing! 

Yesterday was my first drinking Friday night after more than 3 weeks without alcohol. I told you guys how I haven't been drinking in Bosnia where I was invited to the Sarajevo Film Festival (thanks L'Oreal Paris BiH so much - I'm still grateful!) and neither the week or even more before I went there. So yesterday I was pretty excited to go to my favourite place - Metelkova, see my peeps and have some shots with them! I probably don't really need to explain how little was enough to being drunk after some time of non drinking? Well, I blame it a little bit of Tequila - that bitch is sneaky! But, I love sneaky sometimes. Fact that I feel like shit today...not that much. Hangover glory. 

I totally need another coffee right now. I adore coffee!  Coffee is oh...so hot and warms the mug, which is nice to hold when my hands are cold, it makes me excited, it smells so damn good, it makes my morning more bearable and much more. I don't even count any more how many I drink during the day. I wish I could rest today and do nothing at all, but I have to work and shoot a new outfit post and get ready for the basketball game tonight. Tonight I'm going to root for Slovenia at Kongresni trg and take a few shots so I can share that moment also with you guys. Stay tuned, something amazing is coming up!

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