Topshop ROAR!


Few days ago I treated myself with a little shopping! I got quite a few things but I'm extra happy that I finally bought a new pair of Vans shoes and this Topshop T-shirt! It's so cute but so angry at the same time, isn't it? I mean...T-shirt, not me.

Right now I'm pretty obsessed with Topshop Autumn/Winter 2013-14 collection. Margot's World trend was cute and I could definitely find a few pieces for myself but my heart was completely stolen by the Dark Craft trend inspired by the 90's teen cult hit The Craft. Tartan, mini kilts, camouflage and bomber jackets with gothic touches of lace and patent leather. Speaking about the witchcraft- I started to learn Theban alphabet! No, I'm not joking...and no, you can't yell at me "burn the witch!". It's just my newest obsession inspired by my friend Lara to start learning something dark, mysterious, interesting and fun after all! You guys better be careful no...I can put a spell on you! Relax, I'm just joking. A little bit :)

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