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Blah. I'm stuck in bed with fever and shit and I'm totally watching American History X, again! Long time, no see. Last few days were completely crazy, but in a good way! So many things have happened that I have a feeling that I'm talking about a month and not a week.

I'm so stoked that I had a chance to meet Sebastian Paul Dora, retail coordinator for Pennyblack and a friend of one of the best bloggers Chiara Ferragani and Miroslava Duma. I can't even describe how easy was talking to him and how freaking awesome was hearing a few "inside" stories. I totally felt a little bit special in that moment. Next day I had a chance to style for lovely Demetra Malalan. I got sick after that, because I wasn't dressed enough and it was raining almost for the whole day and when it stopped we had only a few minutes of sunshine and then the very next minute hail and bora wind started and it was freezing the whole time! We've been running...well no, driving from Ljubljana to the coast and Trieste and back to studio in Ljubljana to shoot the last few outfits. I don't know how Demetra made it. I was in a jacket and warm Topshop fur and I was still shaking from the cold while she was dressed in the middle of the night like she's in the middle of the summer! Well, actually I know...because she was doing it with passion!

Next day I woke up with a fever and shit and I swear I thought I'm dying. But I somehow made to get out of bed early in the morning and went to do my obligations for that day. Barely. But I'm glad I went, because I bumped into a lovely girl Ana at Topshop who recognised me and said she's a fan of my blog and made my day! Thanks lady! I'm sorry you had to meet me all sick and messy but you definitely made me feel much better with you words! When I got home I took a nap and when I woke up I felt a little bit better. It was 11pm and I almost stayed in on a Friday night when my friends called me that I should come to Metelkova I went there. At first I though I'm just going to say hello to everyone and then go back home when I saw my friend Urška. We've been talking for a while and at one point decided to go and grab some drink and that's when things got ugly. No, scratch that. I mean, funny! Epic!

I'll skip a few situations but somehow we ended up walking more than two hours from Metelkova to Bežigrad (we had to find a place of some music band). In that time we got lost quite often, we've been walking around in circles, climbing fences, trespassed a few courtyards, woke up few random people in the middle of the night to ask for a direction, etc. It was one hell of the night! So much fun.

In the end I stuck in bed with fever and couldn't go on a Bring Me The Horizon Concert about which I still feel a little bit broken-hearted but I guess everything happened for a reason. And I can't really complain here, can I? So many good things happened that all I can say is: fair enough! How was your week, guys?

I've been wearing Topshop shirt from the "This is England" trend and Topshop shoes. Life is short, just go and get the look! 

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